Address1 can't be empty


I noticed that I’m getting the following error “Address1 can’t be empty, City can’t be empty, Country can’t be empty, and Postal code can’t be empty” on my checkout pages using the 2 step order form.
As a gateway I’m using recurly. I also have some cfprotools code implemented

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Without seeing the codes you are using nor your page it will be hard to guess what could be the issue, I guess it might be some code preventing Recurly from tracking the proper shipping details?

Try to provide some further details it may help

Here are the codes from cfprotools that I’m using

I have no idea what that code is for! or whether or not it has affected your funnel in any way, an easy way to try it would be to create a dummy page (clone of your real one) or one from scratch and attach Funnelish to it and see if the error occurs before or after connecting it to Funnelish, also at that point you can share the URL of the page in here :slight_smile: