Confused? How do I install the plugin?

Little confused. Bought the Paypal Plugin, but received no email explaining whats next??? How do I actually install it?

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Hi Martin,

Have you received your login details?

If did the process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Check under /Apps and activate any of the apps you want to use, they are all included in your plan.

PS. Each app has a “How it works?” button, that shows instructions on how to use it.

  1. Under /Funnels, Add your funnel, steps, and products.

  2. Copy the tracking code from your Funnelish funnel to your Clickfunnels’ funnel Head Tracking box.

  3. under Your Funnel > Apps, again enable any app you want to use on that funnel.

  4. You are ready to go!

Hope that helps, if have further questions feel free to follow up or contact [email protected] :wink:


Yeah took me a bit of try and test as well.
I’ve watched this video and it goes well now

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Hello I am having the same issue. I purchased the app but never received the application details or login information email. I cant find any support email or chat. Does anyone know how I contact this company.

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Hi Preston,

You can contact us on this forum, or simply our email: [email protected] :slight_smile:

Hey Sam,

Sorry if this not the right place to reach out(I don’t know how to pm you). I want to cancel my funnelish subscription, I did send an email to the support team. Please cancel my subscription asap since billing date is couple of days away. Thanks :slight_smile: