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Creating a Dynamic Date

Since programmable does not yet work for F+ funnels, I was wondering is there a way to insert a dynamic date into my funnel?

I’m trying to do this:

“Order today and get it by (PRESENT DATE + 5 DAYS)”

Can someone advise my on how to accomplish this on F+ ?



Hi @vegatrading,

Please follow this simple guide for that:

1. Add this Custom JS code inside Custom Code > Custom JS(Body):

const plus_days = 5;    
let event = new Date();
let plus = new Date(); 
    const options = { weekday: 'long', month: 'long', day: 'numeric' };
    let today = document.getElementById("today");
    today.innerHTML = plus.toLocaleDateString('en-US', options) + 'th!'

2. Add a custom HTML element to your page and paste the code below:

After adding the custom HTML element click Edit custom HTML.

Then paste the following code:

Order today and get it by 
<span id="today"></span>

And that’s it.

Let us know how that goes. for you,

Kind regards,
Funnelish™ Team


Thanks, this worked wonders

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