Four problems with FB pixel app

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Four problems with FB pixel app that i predicted I’d be facing:

  1. It doesn’t allow me to fire a simple add to cart when a person lands on my order form

  2. it works on and off when tracking upsell purchases

  3. it double fires double my product’s purchase values

  4. for critical problems like this, support is super slow to respond. The app just doesn’t do it’s job and is messing with my analytics.

I’m curious, what is everyone’s opinion/experience with Funnelish’s ‘seamless’ FB pixel app? It’s anything but simple to set-up and get working. Nor does it seem stable.

Much more pain free to install the regular FB pixel w/ CF pro tool codes.

Everytime i set up the Fb pixel app there are always problems that take days to fix by testing and waiting for the CS team to get back to me