How do I cancel my Funnelish Account?

How do I cancel my Funnelish Account?

Easy :slight_smile: just PM me through this forum or send a support ticket to our email box alongside your email account + payment account :slight_smile:

How do I PM you? I can’t find the information I need in order to message you and cancel my account

Just please send an email to: [email protected] with your account details and will respond to it asap :slight_smile:

Please cancel my account too. I sent you an email to your email adress above several days ago

Best regards

Hello @Larshue,

Please wait for the billing team to handle your request :slight_smile: you’ll get a reply asap,


Emails to support do not get answered. Please cancel my account as well. It’s been about two weeks since I sent a couple emails to [email protected].

Really? :disappointed_relieved:

Can you PM me your account email, as I’m sure they are getting handled usually within 24h…

Perhaps our confirmation emails don’t reach your inbox? or your ticket wasn’t received correctly perhaps resending the email to us would work?

everything solved now :slight_smile:

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I sent 2 emails requesting the cancelling of my subscription but I get no confirmation. I was also charged after having sent the emails. Not happy.

Please cancel my account too. Thanks

[email protected]