CTA button delay - how can i delay the CTA button of my VSL with funnelish+?

I have a vsl page but i don’t want to show the button immediately, i need to show the button only after 30 minutes because in the video sales letter the CTA appears after 30 minutes, how can i do it?


May I refer you to this: How to hide section then unhide after certain amount of time? - #2 by Dannyp. It works the same way, just add your CTA inside the Section.

Let us know if that does not work for you.

Fey @Funnelish.

Hi @fathx , thank you very much for your reply but unfortunately it doesn’t work because the section is visible only for few seconds and then it disappears again, how can I solve this problem? I need the section after x seconds of delay to be visible forever

Hi there, Please use this custom JS code instead

  // time in minutes
  let timeInMinutes = 0.2;
       let mySec = document.querySelector(".delay_sec");
        mySec.style.display = 'none';
  setTimeout(hideSec, timeInMinutes*60*1000);
  function hideSec(){
      mySec.style.display = "flex";

Then remove any CSS you added from the article I shared earlier.
PS: adding the class delay_sec remains mandatory.
Change the value of timeInMinutes to the desired delay.

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