1 Time Set Up Fee + Subscription


I’m curious if there is a way to have a 1 time setup fee on top of my subscription when creating the product inside the funnel?

I found another payment app called Recurly which has allowed me to create this time of 1 time set up fee + subscription for my Click Funnel unlike Stripe which only allows a basic subscription plan.

So in order for me to have my Funnelish product sync correctly to my actual product on Click Funnels I need to have that 1 time set up fee onto of the basic subscription.

Is there anyway I could make this happen with Funnelish?


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Hi @RyanC,

There is only one way of doing that in PayPal which is via trials, so let’s assume you have a subscription of $19/mo and your setup fee is $10, then in Funnelish you can set your subscription product to have a recurring payment of $19/normally, but first has a paid trial of $29 for first month…

Hope that makes sense, let me know if that’s not what you meant or there is anything else to help with :slight_smile:

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