2 PayPal & 2 Credit Card Radio Buttons Appearing

Plugin/Functionality Concerned

PayPal v2

Issue Description

After entering shipping information and clicking to proceed to payment (2-step order form) I see two sets of payment options stacked on top of each other.


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Hi @ugcrew,

That means you enabled both PayPal v1 and v2 on the same funnel or perhaps Funnelish Pay as well…

Disable the other two apps on your funnel, and it should work fine…

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Actually, I only have v2 enabled:

Here are my funnel settings:

Here are my app settings:

What else could it be?

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it also could be that you have two order form elements on the same page, perhaps one hidden or in a popup, should keep only one…

But to avoid too much guessing, just PM me the link to your order form and I’ll check it for you…

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Thanks Samantha. I sent you a PM.

I’m doing more troubleshooting…

I created a new Order Form page, that didn’t help.
Now I’m trying to switch back to PayPal v1 to see if that fixes it.

This is interesting! Look what happens when I switch to PayPal v1… the radio buttons for my product options double, but the payment options are normal now:

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I was able to fix the double radio buttons for my products by disabling Fancify and Fancy Credit Card…

So, to recap: I can get PayPal v1 to appear normally. But even if I disable everything except Facebook Pixel & PayPal v2, the v2 still does not appear normally.

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I’m going to leave it alone now and wait for you to tell me what’s wrong. I have turned off everything except PayPal v2.


Hello @ugcrew, sorry for the delay I actually see the issue, it’s pretty easy to fix, the problem is that you added your head tracking code of Funnelish twice in your funnel :slight_smile:

Remove one tracking code and keep only one, see where you duplicated it and remove one of them it should work fine no matter which apps you use :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes,

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Wow that’s really weird… I had the Funnelish tag installed directly in Click Funnels, but I also had it as a ‘paused’ tag in GTM… yet somehow the paused tag was firing, because when I removed it from GTM everything went back to normal. Very strange because it had been paused in GTM for a while before this error even appeared.

Thanks for catching this.

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