3 products on OTO Page - only #yeslink-1 and #yeslink-2 are available. #multilink doesn't work with paypal


I have 3 products on my OTO page (3 different sizes of the same product).

When I select which product to use from Clickfunnels on my Order Buttons, only product 1 and 3 are available as “1 Click Upsell - Product Name” - their links are #yes-link and #yes-link-2

The other product I have to select from the dropdown menu titled: “1 Click Upsell - Choose Product”. That dropdown menu gives me a #yes-link-multi which does not work with PayPal.

How can I change the link of the 3rd product to give me a link that works with PayPal?


I believe all PayPal apps we have work fine with #yes-link-1 #yes-link-2 #yes-link-3 and so on endless options