35 attempts and 0 purchase ! That is normal?


The statistic says : 35 attempts and 0 purchase ! That is normal ?
(paypal v2)


If you mean in live environment then No! that’s not normal at all. But if you are the one making those test purchases then it’s normal…

I would suggest making a real purchase… and see if it works! perhaps you have your sandbox gateway selected, and not your Live gateway… Double check your gateway, and try to make a live purchase at least once before going live…


I didn’t create sandbox account, i only created live paypal gateway account by following the link in the tutorial : https://www.paypal.com/businessprofile/mytools/apiaccess/firstparty

I tried to make a live purchase and append that :

  1. i fill the order form
  2. i selected the paypal gateway
  3. i logued in the paypal account
  4. confirmation on paypal
  5. when the confirmation is done, i came back to the order form and the no purchase is done.

Could you help me ?

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Could you help me please ?

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Yes @omppp, can you please PM us your order form URL and we will investigate it :slight_smile:

PM sent you yesterday

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35 for 0 sales that’s not normal at all @omppp, In a live environment you should get more Purchases than Purchase Attempts 30%-70% should be your aim at least…

Or it’s you making those Purchase attempts you should check your “Customers” list in Funnelish, and see everyone that is marked as Purchase attempts, are they real customers or it’s only you?