50%+ payments decline

We’re on Funnelish Basic (not ClickFunnels), we have both PayPal and Stripe linked via Funnelish Pay.
Some context:
Yesterday, 2 successful sales and 1 decline.
Today, 4 successful sales and 5 declines.
3 people tried twice or more to make a transaction.
It may not be big numbers, but in my whole years of experience doing ecommerce I’ve never seen 5 declines in a single day with less sales.

We have a UK company, UK Stripe, selling to UK customers.
Declined orders vary in price both low ($45), and higher ($100-$180).
Spoke with Stripe they said everything seems in order.
We placed test orders, we had successful payments come through as well today so it’s set up right.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I highly doubt that its usual for over 50% of payments even at a smaller scale like this to decline.

Most of the declined transactions are via Stripe.
Its all different UK banks.
Every single declined payment is shown to have exactly the same reason for the decline: “3D Secure attempt failed - The customer failed 3D Secure authentication.”

Is all this normal on ClickFunnels? Shopify? Or is this just a UK/EU issue due to SCA / 3DS2?

Any insight would be appreciated.

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The only case i’ve seen something similar is when a UK company/Stripe, is used to sell in the US, which case many US local banks would rejects the transactions, with a do_not_honor error.

As for customers dropping off at the 3DS stage, that mostly means they are seeing something putting them off, perhaps showing them the wrong price or similar.

Double check that your order bump is linked to the right product just in case that’s causing the issue.

If the problem persists try to talk to chat support and provide samples of recently failed transactions.

Also, make sure to talk to your customers, they might provide more insights to why they quit at 3DS stage.

Funnelish does support 3DS2, and SCA since first day, so that shouldn’t be the problem… also it’s enforced in all of EU, if it was not supported none-of your payments would’ve gone through.

We are facing the same issue. AU Stripe account. Could that be the reason? @samlee

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Same thing is happening to me @samlee

I think it might be a funnelish issue since it doesn’t happen in clickfunnels.

Also, I have a USA Stripe selling to USA People

Which payment methods are you seeing the drop off on? @Gulfam Also, what is the error reported on Stripe?

Which payment method through Stripe are you using? @Brian_Ng1 is it Klarna? and what error do you see when you check the failed payments in Stripe logs?