A few questions about the customers journey when using the Paypal Checkout

1.Is the customer redirected back to the next funnel step after he purchased in Paypal?
2.If a customer entered data in my funnel (lets say chose a size of a product in an input box)- will i be able to see this data in any of my CF dashboards? assuming the customers bought via Paypal.


Anoter question:
3. How can i send an automated confirmation mail to a customer who purchased via Paypal?

Im using Paypal v1.


Yes! they get redirected to the next steps… just like Clickfunnels…

Yes! It will be stored the same way, and even for Sizes if you use “Fancify” (one of the Apps that improves the visual experience of your order form) you’ll be able to have Variants in a fancy way in your order forms including two-steps order forms :wink:

Once you add tracking products under Funnel > Settings > 3rd Party area, in Clickfunnels. Just go under “Automations” tab of each product and add your automation, or simply set it to send an order confirmation email too same way it does for Stripe on each product :slight_smile:

Hope that helps answering your questions, let me know if have other questions

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Awesome, Thanks Sam.

In Fancify is it possible to add to groups of variants and distinguish them?

Example : Size and Color.
lets say i have 4 sizes and 2 colors.
I dont want to stack up 8 variants, instead offer the customer a choice of colors and then a choice of sizes.
Like here:

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Yes that’s exactly how Fancify does it :wink:

Just add variants then add your options to each variant under each Product / Variants tab in Funnelish :slight_smile:

Using Fancify will store your variants data for each customer including Credit Card data…

Hope that helps, let me know if have further questions:)

That is great.

1/Where will the order variants will be stored?
A. If a user pays with CC
B. if a user pays with Paypal?

2/ In a two 2-step order form- is there a way to configure how and where i want the variants to appear? I prefer it to be on the first step and not in the second one.

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In both cases, order variants data will be stored in Clickfunnels, under each customer’s profile…

Good idea but unfortunately can’t be done currently, but we have a free plugin in our forum that does that :slight_smile: in the first step… as for doing it through our private app will make the variants listed alongside products within the products list… as that’s the only way to list each product’s variant to allow your customers to pick a product first then a variant of the product, which each product being able to have different variants options and different availability :slight_smile:

Hope that helps :wink: