Add An Image In 2 Step Order Form Options

Hi there guys,
I have seen the expert secrets funnel and found the best value option with the image really good for my funnel. I would like to code that but I just can’t figure out how. Can someone help me?

Attached an screenshot of what I want.


Hi @Cford,

Here is the code to easily get something like this:

 index = 3;
 image_url = "";
$(".elOrderProductOptinProducts:not(.hide) .elOrderProductOptinProductName").eq(index-1).append("<div ><img style='width: 100%;' src='" + image_url + "' /></div>")

Copy the script above into your funnel step footer tracking code area.

Make sure to change the number 3 in the line #2 “index = 3” to the number of the product you want to change, eg. in the case above it will add the image to the product number 3 on the products list.

Change the image url in line number #3, to the url where the image you want to insert is hosted.

Thanks for this but
it doesnt seem to be working… Any workarounds?