Add Funnelish Sales to Aweber (not working)

I did a test purchase and with funnelish and everything worked except for aweber. I have a Zap setup so that any sales that come from ClickFunnels from the order form get added to aweber and they didn’t get added.

How do can we properly add people who bought our products through funnelish (paypal) to Aweber lists?


SAME ISSUE. This should be a major priority in my opinion.

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Actually, that’s not an issue at all, and it’s supposed to work…

First of all sorry @Alaa_Khassa for not seeing your post, and Thank you @Adam_Christenson for bringing it up again.

When using a Clickfunnels Zap, just do not specify a “Funnel Step” only specify the funnel itself in the action trigger, Why? because Clickfunnels tracks PayPal/3rd Party Sales globally at the funnel level and does not associate them with any funnel…

Ultimately, you’d want to have some sort of test purchase through PayPal recorded on Clickfunnels and pull it through Zapier as a sample to set up your Zap around it, that always helps to make sure everything is in place.

Alternatively, If you are still facing any problems with your Zap/Clickfunnels/Funnelish setup we will be happy to have a closer look at it, just email us at [email protected] :wink:

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