Adding a sticky call-to-action Section/Row to a page in Funnelish

In this brief tutorial I will be going through how to add a sticky section/row to your page in Funnelish.

This is commonly used to make the Call-to-action section sticky to the bottom of a landing page.

As of now Funnelish does not have a native feature to allow such functionality thus we will need to use some custom codes to get the same effect.

Step 1: Create a section at the bottom of your page

Make sure the section has a background color or image, and it’s set to “Full Width”.
Add your call to action button elements and text to it.

Step 2: Add The Sticky Class to your CSS

Go to the “Code Editor” > Custom CSS

Paste this code into the box:

.sticky {
   position: fixed;
   bottom: 0;
   display: none;
.sticky.visible {
    display: flex;

Step 3: Adding Custom Code to Custom JS (body)

Now in the same popup move to the Custom JS (body) box

And paste this code into the box:

/* The number of pixels a visitor should scroll down to see the sticky bar */
var SHOW_AFTER = 300;

var sticky = document.querySelector(".sticky");
window.onscroll = function() {
    if (window.pageYOffset > SHOW_AFTER) {
    } else {

The number in 3rd line is the distance in pixels your visitors need to scroll down for to see the sticky call-to-action bar, you can increase/decrease the number.

Once done save changes.

Step 4: Add class “sticky” to your section/row

Now select your call to action section and go to Advanced properties and add "sticky" to the CSS Classes box.

Save your changes and enjoy!