Adding Purchase and Email Automation not working after Funnelsih PayPal purchase!

This has been a problem since Aug 8 for us. The integration is completely dead. The purchase goes thru but doesn’t read the purchase therefore the customer isnt receiving their purchase emails and no purchase is added to their account within Clickfunnels.


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Hello @nicholas,

That’s certainly something you can contact our support at [email protected] for and we’ll be assisting you through it…

But first to understand better, is it the Purchase automation in Clickfunnels that’s not being fired or the one in Funnelish?

If it’s not being fired in either platforms, first check to make sure that your orders are being tracked correctly in either platforms (depending on which you use to trigger those automations), otherwise, just make sure to check that your integration is still connected (eg. hasn’t been suddenly disconnected for any reason).

From what i can see on your post, the orders are not being tracked correctly in CF, which means two things:

  1. Either the product name(s) changed in Funnelish and that affected the tracking IDs but those weren’t updated in CF side.
  2. The webhook URL is missing or mismatches the one in CF.

Also providing more details about your case might help assisting you further,

Hope that helps; let us know how it goes,


I also want to second this problem.

Automation has not been working. And from what I heard, Clickfunnels made an update which make paypal purchase follow up inconsistent.

I already told funnelish support about it in mid-august, but it hasn’t been solved. I have to manually send every product to customers who paid through paypal via funnelish.

Please make it a top priority.