Announcement: Clickfunnels To Paypal Versatile Plugin

You can find out more about our Clickfunnels PayPal integration.

This plugin is meant to:

  1. Allow your customer to check out either using Credit Card or Paypal on the same page.

  2. Adds more trust to your order form and landing page…

  3. No more hard wiring or creating multiple funnel steps to process Paypal payments through your sales funnel.

  4. Can easily integrate with your pre-existing sales funnel and 2 step order form.

  5. Has a look & feel similar to Shopify’s, All online shoppers have been through some sort of Shopify checkout and they know how it looks like… Now you rest assured that your customers will be less skeptical about buying from you.

  6. Easy to use, and supports Order bump sales as well.

  7. Since this plugin was created from the client-side (using JS) you will be required to create some links for your products on your Paypal account. Clickfunnels at the moment only supports this.

  8. This plugin has been built upon our community’s feedback, if you have any feature request, or noticed any bug or know anything we can do to improve this plugin, then please do not hesitate to let us know… simply register a free account at and create a new topic describing your thoughts.

Yassine Y.

Hi Yassine, A great way would be to use the Paypal reference transactions in order to have a fully working funnel (upsells & downsells).
I look forward to get your plugin live asap. It will be a great changer.

The plugin is already out there for beta testers :smiling_imp: at a very “symbolic” price.

We will be releasing it for the public once we have some stats, and we decide how to package it…

Should you need extra beta testers, let me know.
If not, can’t wait to see it live :slight_smile:

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Hi there @codr3sh It’s finally launched :smiling_imp:

Join us at the early bird price, here Paypal Plugin For Clickfunnels will be increasing the price very soon.

You’ll also get invited VIP club for more VIP plugins, hacks, funnels, Clickfunnels tweaks…etc

Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @yassine , that’s great news. Can you please let me know how does it work?
In your form you have also the credit card option connected to the Paypal? Paypal PRO/Flow?
As for the pure Paypal option, that’s the standard Paypal express checkout? and using reference transaction they just do a one click on the upsell/downsell pages and get charged instantly without having to go again to the Paypal page?

You can checkout using a credit card from Paypal, or using a credit card all from the beginning… which is better… (Stripe, Bluesnap, braintree…etc)

This plugin, uses the same concept Clickfunnels is using already since the problem is getting your sales “tracked” within Clickfunnels (One time payments & subscriptions) other than that, I could easily make it work like Shopify does! but really what’s the point! You’ll end up losing all the CF magic.

That is IMPOSSIBLE, It’s against Paypal’s TOS! They have to confirm the purchase for all upsells/downsells within a secure Paypal page… the good thing, is they have to log in only once, and all other subsequent times should only confirm by clicking the “Buy Now” button on a secure Paypal page, and they’ll be brought back to your funnel.

The point of having this plugin is not replacing your credit card processor, but instead boosting your conversion rates (Millennials, European countries, and South America…) all these prefer using Paypal, and by simply using the plugin, you can notice a big increase in your conversion rates and a huge decrease in failing payments through Credit Card.

hope that helps!

##[UPDATE #1 8/15/2017] - Multi-Products

Today we rolled out an update to the Clickfunnels/Paypal Integration plugin, Now you may have as MANY products as you want on your front-end order form. This update won’t interfere with the previous setups you might have in any way.

  • How Does This Work?
    For more instructions on how you can use this, please check the instructions file shared with you.

  • What Should I Do To My Previous Setups?
    Nothing! This update like every other update to come is backward compatible.


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##[UPDATE #2 8/17/2017] - Installation For Dummies!

Today we launched a new tool that will assist you to install the Paypal plugin into your funnels (without having to go through all that boring long tutorial). To access the tool please log in to your account, and look under “VIP Plugins” category… Find the plugin tutorial… under section #3 “Installation For Dummies!”.


  • How to setup a true “1 click upsell” on PAYPAL :scream:Yep! that’s possible “well Kinda”!
    You know for a Credit Card purchase it takes your customers to type in 16 digits + 3 CVV digits + A Date! (plus finding their credit card in the first place)!
    Well For Paypal, thanks to auto-completing it literally takes your customers 3 clicks to make the first purchase (including the Order Bump). And for all the OTOs it takes as little as 2 Clicks (1 Click On your funnel, and a 1 click on the “Buy Now” button on PayPal to confirm, and then take them back to your funnel).
    Mathematically, While a CC customer is typing in their Credit Card Info (that if they’ve found it in the first place) Your Paypal customer has probably gone through your entire funnel (with MORE THAN 11 UPSELLS!!!) Can You Imagine That! (Do The Maths).

  • Facebook Ads Plugin
    Our launch theme has been mostly “Conversions”, thus I’m going to build ANY app/plugin that’s going to improve or help with the conversion rates.
    For that, I’m planning to launch a full plugin for Facebook Ads… That helps with:
    Pixel Setup (yep most find it confusing).
    Optimization events tracking (especially for the two-step order form, now you can track Leads separately from Purchases).
    Probably comes with a FREE Facebook Ads training! (not sure yet)!
    Custom conversion parameters tracking.

  • …and much more.

Stay tuned for more! this is just a warm up! :smiling_imp:


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##[UPDATE #3] - Subscriptions & Big Updates


Last weekend we rolled-out some big UPDATES concerning the functionality of the Clickfunnels/Paypal Plugin, So here we go:

  • Subscriptions Work Through Paypal!
    Clickfunnels just confirmed that the Subscription-based services through Paypal work as well… and that’s something COOL!
    You may create subscription plans same way you create an ordinary Paypal product for Clickfunnels just make sure to select “Subscription” instead of “Buy Now” as the button type, and the plugin will be able to track it for you.

  • OTOs Had a Bug Fixed!
    Thanks to “Jaco van der Merwe” one of the first beta testers for pointing it out. The bug is now solved.

  • Non-2 Step Order Forms Are Finally Supported
    This has been the biggest feature we add to this plugin, since the launch (almost a week ago) :D. Now you may install this plugin on ANY order form you might have whether it is a two-step order form (which is the best for conversions) or not. It has been tricky to get this to work… but it finally does… It can also track your submit buttons & links throughout your entire order form page, and do a bunch of other cool stuff.
    And the best part of all is you won’t really have to change anything from your previous setup of the plugin, the two step or non-2 step order forms work just the same.

  • Multi-Language & Dynamic Message
    Now you may rewrite the entire message on the 2 Step Order From, in whatever language you like.

Use the “Plugin Setup Helper” (introduced in previous update) to assist you installing this plugin correctly.

As always these updates, require nothing from your side, your previous setups are already up to date… with all the fixes & improvements.


Hey Yassine,

Tonight we rolled-out some big UPDATES concerning the extension of the functionality of Clickfunnels/Paypal Plugin, So here we go:

  1. Translations
    Now you can (optionally) literally translate anything on the Paypal plugin, to any language you want. You may access this functionality on the setup helper.

  2. Little Tweak
    Clickfunnels used to register people that buy through Paypal using a different email address than the one they opted in with if they have two different emails. which caused for all their details to go under the former, rather than the first (which is tracked). Well…kind of found a way around that, so it’s fixed :nerd_face: (nothing required from your side).

  3. Some general bug fixes, functionality improvements.
    Stay tuned for my next email, some HUGE announcements are coming :smiling_imp:

As always these updates, require nothing from your side, your previous setups are already up to date… with all the fixes & improvements.

Have a freaking awesome day!