Anybody slick enough to crack this?

Hey all,

I poured through the posts I could find… couldn’t find the right solution to this.

We need to be able to show the products purchased with download links on a thank you page if someone uses paypal. Don’t care about order amounts being displayed. Just the download links.

I know that we can redirect to a different link. I know that funnelish doesn’t have this functionality built in.

But has anybody found a work-around? Something through paypal API? Or Zapier? Or something??

Whoever can give me a solution is more than welcome to have my firstborn…


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That’s interesting :sweat_smile: Hmm, the thing is it’s CF that doesn’t display the products that were purchased through PayPal.

But I guess we might have a workaround though it might take a bit of time to get one of our team to implement it for you, so just leave me your Order form URL and your Thank you page url… though I certainly think that It can be very limited as Funnelish doesn’t have access to products download links thus your products mostly will be displayed without any download links.

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Thanks Sam!

I was thinking more of whether anyone had a hack somehow pulling the order data through paypal’s API and somehow inserting it through custom code onto a paypal specific thank you page (in or out of clickfunnels, although obviously better if in clickfunnels).

That said, it would be amazing if y’all made it a part of the app (game changer… we get A LOT of support issues because we can’t serve up dynamic download links… and often people’s paypal email is not their regular email)…

Here are the links:

Also, random question… after going through all the posts about paypal v1 vs v2 apps, I’m still not entirely clear on what we should be using. Right now, it’s just paypal v1. Is there any benefit we’re missing out on by not using v2? (there’s no documentation in the app section… still says “coming soon” or something :slight_smile:


is this why my dynamic product isnt showing on my order wall? because of the paypal funnelish plugin?