App Request: Offline Payment Methods Like Cash on Delivery or Wire Transfer

Hey guys,

In some countries we currently work with mainly in Europe we need to accept offline payment methods like cash on delivery, wire transfer and others that vary from country to country.

For now lets just stick with cash on delivery “COD” to keep it as simply as possible :wink:

Some stats: In one online store we have 45% COD and 34% other country specific payment method with a total of 79% of the orders placed with offline payment methods.

So that’s a big issue… right? :slight_smile:

So I would really like to use CF to improve our sales but it lacks some sort of offline payment method like COD.

If we have COD it would be awesome.

There is the PayPal app from funnelish that gives the option to alternate between stripe and PayPal.

I would like to have something like an option so the costumer can choose COD that basically is a text box saying that the order will be send and that they will pay when they receive it.

The problem is that when the costumer chooses that option, the order has to work. Meaning that CF must process the order with products, customer data, etc.

Also it would be awesome if that could work with a normal order form, a two-step order form and also with OTO’s.

Can someone build something like this?

I’m willing to discuss this in greater detail and even pay for this service, I just can’t pay a large sum like some USA developers are used to.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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Hi @tsantos.fs ,

From the Stats you’ve provided it looks like something a Funnelish App can do… I was expecting that you might mention having an 3rd Party Api for that… but since it’s only adding orders without Payment info it seems like a doable thing :slight_smile:

Will add your topic to our TODO list, and will notify you once it’s up and running… You may also PM me more details! especially samples of similar things you’ve worked with before… would love to check them out.

Thank you for the idea, it’s really what we are looking for at Funnelish :slight_smile: