Attempted Purchases in Checkout

Hello everyone!
I am getting a lot of attempted purchases in my checkout on funnelish, however none of them are sales. What could be the reason for this? I checked for test mode and turned it to live mode and still it has been happening. However, whenever I test it out, the purchase ends up going through…

What are Purchase Attempts in Funnelish?

It’s common to see purchase attempts that don’t go through, and as long as they’re not excessively frequent or more than the successful purchases, it’s usually nothing to worry about. Here’s what these instances typically mean:

  1. Abandoned Purchases: This is when a customer initiates a purchase but changes their mind after being directed to PayPal. This scenario is quite common.
  2. Stripe Card Processing Issues: If there’s a problem with card processing through Stripe, you can investigate directly on the Stripe platform to pinpoint the issue. This could be due to various factors such as fraud prevention measures, insufficient funds, or card validity.
  3. PayPal Card/Balance Processing Errors: Similar to Stripe, PayPal may encounter processing errors related to card payments or account balances. Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t always provide detailed error messages, but failed payments are rare.
  4. Setup Issues: While less common, it’s possible that there’s an issue with your setup. Ensure that your Stripe and PayPal checkouts are properly configured and tested in their respective sandbox environments before going live.

You should always make sure to test all your payment methods before going live; If they work for you, that means that technical wise they work for everybody else, so in this case, purchase attempts are nothing to worry about.

  • First, check Stripe for any failed payments by searching for the customer. Stripe usually provides detailed reasons for payment failures, such as fraud detection, insufficient funds, or rejected transactions by the customer’s bank.
  • If the issue isn’t in Stripe, it may reside in PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t always provide error messages for failed payments, but such issues are not common.
  • If neither Stripe nor PayPal reveals any issues, it could simply be someone testing your page. To monitor user interactions and detect any unnoticed errors, consider integrating tools like Hotjar, Mouseflow, or FullStory into your page.

Remember to test your checkout process thoroughly before launching, but if you encounter any further issues or uncertainties, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance. We’re happy to always double-check for you!

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