Best AutoResponder For ClickFunnels?

Just to start a bit of discussion arround this subject, what Autoresponder are you using? and which ones do you recommend to use?
Vote and tell us why below.

  • Active Campaign
  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • GerResponse
  • SparkPost (SMTP) + Actionetics
  • SendGrid (SMTP) + Actionetics

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I personally vote for ActiveCampaign and SendGrid (SMTP) + Actionetics, I loved SparkPost but they seem to be quite sensitive to make money and affiliate links. and they can ban you for almost no reason. so stopped using them with Clickfunnels.

I would go with Aweber, I never used any other auto-responder and don’t think I need to for the time being. been using aweber for a while now and looks good to me.
certainly will need to look at other autoresponders to see what they have to offer once I have some solid numbers and stats in place I can compare them against.

Aweber, is really outdated, thus I won’t be recommending it to anyone. they don’t offer any kind of automation. so not sure how it can be of any use. In the other hand ActiveCampaign is all about automation and advanced workflows.

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