Best Payment Processor For ClickFunnels Dropshipping

What is the best payment processor for dropshipping through ClickFunnels?

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I believe Paypal is the best option you got.

Stripe Is also acceptable. though everyone was saying they don’t allow drop shipping, but as long as you aren’t getting to many chargebacks, then you’ll be okay.

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Unfortunately, you don’t have that many options. But here are some of my recommended payment processors:


It’s widely used and supported. In most cases, you’ll end up implementing this payment method. Since most likely your customers will be asking for it. Yet, Paypal is not perfect for one click upsell :frowning: So really don’t focus on it as your number 1 payment gateway but instead make it some sort of a fallback payment processor in case your potential customer doesn’t have a Credit/Debit Card (Eastern Europe) or they don’t trust you enough and they want to benefit from Paypal buyer protection.

Paypal Pros.

  1. Very common, and it can be used to accept Credit Card payments for users that never used Paypal before.

  2. Easy to integrate.

  3. Fast/Secure payments.

  4. Trusted and has fewer fees (compared to everything else on this list).

Paypal Cons.

  1. One major Con. to start with would be it DOES NOT support one click upsells.

  2. It doesn’t allow for in page checkout. In other words, your customers should leave your site and finish checking out within Paypal’s own payment page. In my case, I had over 80% of customers never return back to the next OTO (1st upsell) after they checkout using Paypal (which is awful).

  3. Unless you have Seller Protection, in 100% of cases if customers ask for a refund they will get it no matter what (even if you are the victim).

Braintree a Paypal company

Paypal has this company named Braintree, which was intended to be more like Stripe. But it’s way limited and hard to get into it.
Braintree can be good, but unfortunately, just a few weeks ago. They’ve stopped supporting Clickfunnels or something. It won’t work for you for the time being.


Probably the best payment gateway to use with Clickfunnels. You must be leaving tons of money on the table if you aren’t using it.

Stripe Pros.

  • Easy integration.
    It only takes one click to get it integrated with Clickfunnels.

  • Clickfunnels Company (Etison LLC) is using it itself for their own products and services.

  • Can do in page purchases, without forwarding users to any other 3rd party websites.

  • Fast payments.

  • In general, It has fewer fees compared to Paypal (Loading fees, Withdrawal, Payments…Etc)

  • Easy one click upsells and down sells.

  • Membership services (Recurring Payments).

Stripe Cons.

  • Heard that their TOS is against dropshipping! but not sure. You can overcome that by keeping your refund rate (and complaints from customers to the minimum).

  • Chargebacks, as with any Credit card processor even if you sell an item for 1$. If a client decides to do a chargeback you’ll end up paying 40$ just in fees.

  • Online Payments aren’t integrated (Paypal, Skrill…etc), Majority of the world (Eastern Europe, Asia…etc) don’t have Credit Cards (or Credit Cards that are internationally acceptable). thus you’ll be having hard times to get into those markets without Paypal.


This company seems a bit interesting, though their customer support is crappy. They allow both having Paypal and Credit Card payments through their platform… making it almost identical to Paypal, though they tend to have a more global approach. For an instant, they integrate with these mobile wallets: Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa, Checkout, MasterPass, Alipay.

BlueSnap Pros.

  • Globally supported, If you are targeting worldwide audience then this can be a great choice.

  • Integrates with all other payment processors (Paypal, Credit Cards…etc) making it a perfect one stop solution for your store and your funnels.

  • Easy to integrate.

  • Smoother acceptance process.

BlueSnap Cons.

  • Within Clickfunnels it doesn’t allow one click upsells “natively” but can be hacked.

  • Awful support, as of the last time I tried them.

  • You need to be making around 100+ small transactions per month, or fewer larger ones in order to get approved. (there is no specific threshold, they’ll be talking to you and discussing the forecast of your transactions if it doesn’t look promising they won’t let you in).

  • Not really sure about them, I have mixed feelings! but worth trying.


Finally; after all that spaghetti :spaghetti: above, Here is what I suggest you do:

  1. First of all start with Stripe, they tend to be stable and well integrated with Clickfunnels. And as you grow, add Paypal as an “optional” checkout option, that will boost your conversion rates a bit.

  2. Once you are large enough and thinking of cross-border selling, you can talk to a sales representative from BlueSnap to discuss better terms and fees with them.

In general, Stripe + Paypal is a rigid payment processing solution to build your business around it.

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