Best Popup Chat Support App for Clickfunnels

What is the best Popup chat support App that integrates well with Clickfunnels and easy to use?


You can use it’s free to use, with decent features. there are other similar apps such as PureChat.
A good full functional CRM would be Bitrix24, they provide everything from Chat apps, leads followup, Facebook Bots…Etc and all for free.

Had great experience Bitrix24, though they aren’t that easy to get used to.


I personally use Drift They have a free plan, and their premium plans have more hybrid reporting and targeting solutions.

I vote for PureChat they seem to have very reasonable pricing (5$/month/user) and it’s very easy to use.
And one serious matter to consider when picking a chat app for your funnel, is it shouldn’t be affecting your funnel’s load time and performance. I’ve seen some chat apps, that tend to cover the entire page, crash the page or slow the load time. thus make sure to verify that your chat app no matter which one you pick doesn’t affect your funnel.

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I will personally put them this way:

#1. - $0 to $9/month (unlimited users) is free, and it doesn’t affect your website’s performance. In order to remove their logo, you’ll need to pay the monthly fee of 5$ per month.
Features Include:

  • It’s free.
  • Fast loading.
  • Minimal (not many configurations needed).
  • You can hire support agents through their platform automatically for as low as $1/hour.

#2. PureChat $0-$19/month (5 users)
PureChat is a bit limited, even their paid plan ($9) includes branding and limited to a single website which is bad. But their $19 package is not as limited but allows for only 5 users, which is even worse. I personally believe has everything you’re going to need on their basic plan more than PureChat’s best plans.

#3. Intercom Chat $53-$123/month (Advanced)
I made this 3rd due to its pricing. Intercom is “the best” chatting, and customer sales support application available in the market right now. It’s a solid app and it’s generally used by medium and large businesses alike. It allows an unlimited number of users, chats or teams. This one is highly recommended if you have that kind of big support team.

does it integrates with clickfunnels? does it have Zapier integration?

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Nop @miltonwalsh, You don’t need zapier or anything to connect it, simply signup for, get the code and past it into your Funnel’s body code, and that’s it.

I repeat, “Funnel’s body code”, as pasting it to your funnel’s header will slow down your funnel (like any other code you add in there).

Talking about Bitrix24 CRM

I think Bitrix24 does as well work the same! In fact it can be integrated with Zapier, and almost everything out there without the need for Zapier itself… It’s an awesome tool, and their free plan is more than enough to get started with.

The only cons. I can recall from my last experience with it, was that it’s hard to learn and get used to… but they are so freaking AWESOME! They even have a chat bot built on AI, that can respond to your customers without your interference, connects well with Facebook Bot…etc they have tons of features and are worth checking out.

just checked and couldnt find Zapier. can you share your knowledge on how to integrate them with Clickfunnels especially new leads / buyers

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Ok so when you create a new account on bitrix24, you’ll be greeted with something like this:

That won’t limit the features you have access to on your account, but will simply re-organize them to be able to access the features you’ll be using most easier.

Pick Communications or CRM.

On the side menu you’ll see something like this:

Select Open Channels That’s of course if you want to provide all kinds of support to your customers, (like which is what’s discussed on this thread.

You’ll see something like this:

The ones marked in red, are the ones you’ll be using mostly… Live Chat, Facebook Bot (can setup instant automatic replies, which is fantastic helps your page reputation a lot), Website Widget: Allows your customers to chat with you through your funnels,…etc

Each option has a configuration part, in which you’ll be given some sort of code to put on your funnel’s body tracking… and it should work just fine.

Just as i said before, Bitrix24, has a learning curve to it, and sometimes hard to get used to, if simple chat is all you want then probably will do the job… but if you are looking for advanced stuff, Chat, Bots, Automations, CRM, and even tracking… then Bitrix24 is worth checking out.

Regards :slight_smile:

Thanks, really really helpful. im looking for CRM to manage my customers and leads.

im interested in keeping my current funnels structure and forms. and i want to make sure that each time i have a new lead / customer is automatically created in the CRM. so far i used Agile + Zapier but i dont like Agile as it doesnt suit my needs and it is too expensive for more than 1 user.