Best way to fulfil order made via Paypal App V2

Since order made via Paypal App V2 aren’t tracked by Clickfunnels we can not use our Clickfunnels to Google Sheets integration via Zapier which puts all the order details including the shipping address into a sheet and allows us to give that to a VA to fulfil the order for us.

Is there a way we can bulk pull out orders made via Paypal App V2 from funelish or to an integration with Google Sheets via Zapier?

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We are working on that one @niksaev :wink:

We are sure you’re going to love it just be patient and if you have any ideas on how you’d like the orders automation process to work we would love to hear them :slight_smile:

Knowing what you do with orders afterward will help us build a more sustainable and perfect solution for you and other users.

For example, what do you do with orders once they are sent to google sheets?!

Also, we might even go few steps ahead and cut the Zapier integration and send your orders directly to Google Sheets absolutely free, :wink: you know one less integration is better, or we can even go crazier! what do you do with your orders once they are in Google Sheets! hmm… :thinking: you send them to a VA! maybe we can let your VA login to your account with very limited credentials just to fulfill orders with a very smooth fulfillment process…

We’ve got lots of cool features coming one after the other so all the time contribute your ideas and be sure that we always take new ideas into consideration and we look forward to getting them into the platform asap.

Hey @yassine,

What is the current way of fulfilling the orders which come from PayPal app V2 ?

What is the best way to do this right now, before the changes come up?



Hey @yassine thanks for coming back.

As well as @mfilev I’d also like to know what is the best way right now.

As for the future a direct integration with Google sheets where we can put customer information, shipping address & product that’s been bought would be great.

A limited access account for a VA that can only see the orders in different funnels is not that bad but having all of our orders (both normal Stripe orders from CF & orders from the Paypal App V2) in a single Google Sheet just makes it easier.


Hi @niksaev @mfilev,

Currently, unfortunately, there is no direct way to download, export orders or automate them really well… but that’s something we are actively working on and you should expect it released in our next update rollout.

The best thing you guys can do is offer us ideas, suggestions and recommendations on how to get this working! :slight_smile: as we are community driven all we do is thanks to ideas from you guys

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As @James said, we are currently fighting the clock to get that feature out asap, you can have it in your accounts with the next update hopefully this week.

I am testing PayPal v2 and can’t get orders to appear in Clickfunnels, so I was just curious if this improvement has made it into Funnelish yet? Thanks!

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Hey @ugcrew,

PayPal v2 orders will never get shown on Clickfunnels at least for the time being because Clickfunnels does not support cart mode for multi product purchases, it’s already to much pain to setup for our users if they have an order bump so you can imagine how much pain it will be with quantities, or multi checkout…

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Its been a Year and you still didnt propose a solution to that URGENT matter?