Boosted Stripe Success Rates, iDEAL SEPA deprecation, Cross-Browser Upsells and Other Updates

Experience a seamless payment process: Introducing Enhanced Stripe Success Rates and other Exciting Updates!

Improved Stripe 3DS authentication

  • We have added new measures in place meant to lower the 3DS failed authentication commonly faced with Stripe.
  • We have seen immediate improvement since the update rollout to Stripe’s card authorization rate.
  • You can keep track of your Stripe payment methods authorization rate in our new Analytics > Payment methods:

  • The new update should positively impact all Stripe payment methods not only Credit Cards.

Cross-browser upsells fully supported

  • If your customers were to be redirected to a different browser upon buying the initial offer then they shouldn’t have any problems purchasing the upsells on a different browser, this used to be a problem on some embedded browsers commonly used by Instagram and Facebook Reels.

iDEAL upsells acceptance rate improved

  • iDEAL transactions won’t rely on SEPA anymore; This means the customers won’t see the request to approve the $0.01 first, which used to create confusion and make customers hesitate to buy; This should improve the overall conversion rate with iDEAL payments.
  • Upsells will be processed directly through iDEAL as well, which is much faster than SEPA-Debit. The transaction will be marked as paid instantly, unlike the SEPA-Debit ones which took some time to clear and caused further issues with Shopify automations etc.
  • No need to enable SEPA-Debit inside your Stripe account anymore for iDEAL purchases.
  • Fewer disputes. SEPA-Debit is prone to elevated (often un-winnable) dispute rates, which is one of the reasons we deprecated it.
  • The only drawback is that customers will be asked to approve the transaction on their bank app for each upsell, which could potentially reduce the conversion rate for the upsells, however, the bank selection is not needed which should ease friction a bit.

Other updates

  1. Discounts are now supported by subscription products as well. You just have to make sure the subscription product price is always higher than the total value of the discount.
  2. Better right-to-left direction support.
  3. Improved caching reliability and page speed Before, page speed was consistently less than 20ms for 84% of the visits, now it’s consistently below 20ms for 98% of the visits.
  4. SMS settings and balance top-up available under Account Settings.

Other Fixes

  • Shopify duplicated orders are fully fixed. This used to occur rarely especially for Stripe-Klarna orders. Now this should be fully resolved.
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