Brand new to funnelish

I’m only using the limited plan right now on click funnels, can I still integrate funnelish properly?

Also I don’t have a U.S bank account and was wondering whether I’d be able to get away with only using a paypal account on click funnels.

Hi @Ashish_Gnawali,

Yes, you can, it doesn’t matter which Clickfunnels plan you have :slight_smile:

There are some doing it, but certainly, you can get a great conversion rate with both… more checkout options mean better conversions… Nevertheless, you’ll be fine with PayPal alone at first.

PS. Just as a tip, it also depends on your traffic, during our analysis we found that traffic from Instagram buys most through PayPal, while if you’re targeting old ladies they’ll probably prefer Credit Card most. Younger generation (ie. Mellinials) are more likely to use PayPal compared to Credit Card.