BUG! I Am Unable To Add PayPal Product In Clickfunnels

I am trying to add funnelish on my clickfunnels. I am trying to follow tutorials, all goes right until adding Paypal products in 3rd Party Membership Access (Non-Order Form Purchase Tracking) in Clickfunnels.
When i finish adding all details for my PayPal product and then I click on create button.

But this button is not working. I tried to click many times and with different browsers but this button is not working. When I click on it, nothing happened. No loading, and no redirect, its still there.
Can you please tell me whats going on and is this issue only on my clickfunnels account or everyone facing this issue?

Im having the same problem currently!

Same here! Send something to the CF support.

Same problem here. Please help

Same problem i cancelled my Funnelish account because of it if, this is resolved i can sign up again but what a shame.

Any update on this. It’s critial for us

Same Problem here. ClickFunnles support has been no help at all. Been broken for a month for me now

Anyone managed to solve this issue?