Can Funnelish allow 2-step orders for paypalv2?

Hello. So I am new here and I wanted to aske some questions before I proceed to purchase the Funnelish plugin.

I live in Africa and started using Clickfunnels a few months ago. However in my country, the only payment gateway that can be used is Paypal. I connected with Paypal V2 so I can get sales made from my funnel into my paypal account and used a 2-step order form which paypal v2 does not support. Does your plugin Funnelish allows 2-step order forms and bump orders and allow me to receive sales directly in my paypal account?

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Hello @misbah,

Yes both of our PayPal Apps v1 and v2, support order bumps, 2-step order forms, OTOs…etc

PS. don’t mix our v1 and v2 PayPal apps with CF’s own v2…

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Hi Sam

How can I do that? Do you have any article that I can read and understand how to not mix v1 and v apps with CF?

One more question, You said not to mix CF paypal v2.

Do you mean as in not to put paypal v2 as a payment gateway in CF?

How does this work? Where are the help files for Clickfunnels Paypal v2 available? We have Clickfunnels MD.

We can not find your help files on these very basic how to informational topics. Please help.