Can I connect funnelish paypal with shipstation?

Was just wondering because my shipstation is set up to work with click funnels, but the funnelish paypal transactions do not transfer to shipstation.

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That’s an interesting case, I think Clickfunnels doesn’t push PayPal sales to ShipStation, though as long as are shown on your SALES tab (in Clickfunnels) that means your setup is working properly, connecting ShipStation to PayPal though, Not sure if it can be done from within the 3rd Party Access Area.

I have to check to see if there is any possible way to get that integration connected some way or another.

Oh - that is a bummer. I will fulfill apparel through shipstation too. I thought clickfunnels would get the order details through the PayPal IPN and add to shipstation, no?

EDIT: could this work in conjunction with funnelish

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Yeah if you find anything out please let me know! It would make the paypal sales a lot easier to manage.

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@Kyle @SubZero The tutorial you’ve linked should work fine I believe!

But will keep this thread pinned, hopefully can work on an internal smooth integration with shipstation soon.