Can I make Full Website in Clickfunnels?

Hi there,

I am using Clickfunnels to build Landing pages and sales funnels. and I really looooooove it :heart_eyes: and I have my website built using Wordpress, can I build my website in Clickfunnels directly without Wordpress?


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Yep, you can build almost any kind of website you wish within Clickfunnels… from ecommerce to blogging. but I personally prefer to keep things specific to what they are. Clickfunnels has been built ultimately for Funnels, so really unless you are looking for something that has “Funnels” in its core then I would try to find an alternative.

e.g. If you are looking for creating a blog, that’s updated regularly, then a CMS like Wordpress would make more sense.


That makes sense @James. Thanks for sharing.
And I just noticed that Clickfunnels is also limiting the number of pages and funnels I may have, thus a CMS like you said (Wordpress) would be the best option for now.

thanks :slight_smile:

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Clickfunnels is great at building funnels but not for content.
You can certainly make some blog posts inside Clickfunnels, and Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service and some About us and contact us pages, all can be done within Clickfunnels. but still that doesn’t make it a CMS.

I don’t think you can, especially that Clickfunnels wasn’t optimized to be a CMS while it was optimized to generate leads and sales for you.

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And don’t forget that at Clickfunnels, you are paying for almost every single funnel and page you are using, thus it wont make sense to build a full content website inside ClickFunnels.

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