Can PayPal Plugin Work With CF Pro Tools Shopping Cart?

I have multiple products to sell on one site and am using the CF Pro Tools script to be able to choose different quantities. I am also using a CF Pro Tools script to automatically calculate the total but when I choose PayPal as the payment option - using the Funnelish script - it only uses the first product and not the others I have chosen.

In short, can the PayPal plugin be used when there are multiple products on a ClickFunnels page? If so, can someone explain how?


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Not possible at this moment in time unfortunately, but I know they will be bringing this feature shortly.

the workaround currently, is to create actually multiple products e.g -

1 product
1 product + extra
2 product
2 product + extra


Unfortunately as @Thefunnelgeeks said, at this moment we don’t support that feature yet, but we have plans to do so in the foreseen future, just still thinking whether should we make efforts to support the existing 3rd party solutions or should we create our own… each has it’s ups and downs… but mainly an inhouse solution seems the most favorable one as of this moment…

You can expect major updates again during this weekend, and for the entire week ahead, and most likely that feature will be included…

For now, Enjoy :slight_smile: and as always I’m open to recommendations/suggestions to make the new features more powerful and useful.


An internal plugin would be great.

However, there are a couple suggestions to make sure the effectiveness is maximized.

  1. Need to be able to have a drop-down menu so the user can select multiple of the same product.

  2. An “Order Total” summary so the user knows exactly how much they’ll be charged when choosing multiple projects.

Here is a sample of what I’m using now with Stripe since that’s the only option at this time.


That has been already out there :smiley: for a while now, we’ve launched an app known as “Fancify” it mainly does all the things that are related to the look of your funnel, including showing better Order bump, and making it more clickable… also includes adding highlighting to your products… and making them more clickable as well… and adds the Total thing to the order summary too.

The only thing left to do is multi products, and that should be done shortly… and it will certainly be included in the same app if possible…unless it will make more sense to have it on another split app.

Though, thanks for your feedback I will certainly take it into consideration while implementing the new features.

The problem is I see that app but have no idea how to use it. I don’t see code for it or anything.

Perhaps I’m missing something but I have no idea how to use the other app.

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Exactly :stuck_out_tongue: we don’t want you to see any difference or have to do ANYTHING else just turn the switch on, and the app will magically appear in your funnel it’s as easy as that :slight_smile: You don’t need any codes! and that’s the whole point from funnelish!

Any updates on this? We are now 4 months on… Any features released for multiple product options? @yassine

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Hi @garyw,

Thanks for the reminder, Since then we were working on getting this done, I believe it’s only a matter of days before you can see it on your account…

So stay tuned for that and all your ideas/feedback is so welcomed as always :slight_smile:

Hey there.

Can you explain how this plugin will work?

Will it work when customers checkout with native CC too?

Will there be an order summary plugin too?

EDIT: guys?

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Hi @SubZero,

Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile: your post went unseen before :slight_smile:


YES! That’s the whole idea behind it.

There is already, there are already about 10 Apps (some being in beta)… PayPal and order summary can be probably looked at as tiny features being part of the whole platform!

Hope that answers your question :slight_smile: And sorry about the delay

Very cool.

Is the multiproduct thing live? So that the customer can choose more quantities of a product?

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Did this functionality get added @yassine?

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@SubZero, @garyw, sorry about the delay, we are still testing them out in battle field… We are trying our best to make it worth the wait :slight_smile:



Will you update here when it’s possible to add multiple products. Thx

@garyw, @SubZero, @PDLaughlin, There is an update for that now,

Please login to your accounts and read the instructions :slight_smile:

You can also discover new apps under the /Apps section…

Tutorials and docs will be released soon.

Okay cool.

Does the FB purchase pixel fire on each Upsell page and Update the total purchase value as they go through the funnel ? Or does the User have to See the confirmation page for the purchase pixel to fire?

Can the User select multiple quantities of a product now?

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The Facebook Pixel App, doesn’t just track purchases, it Tracks every single event throughout your entire funnel, From PageView/ViewContent to the last CompleteRegistration event… And it does track the purchase values VERY ACCURATELY, throughout the entire funnel… And you will NOT have duplicate purchase values (or events in general)… So Facebook Pixel fluctuation won’t happen that often now.

It also, prevents bot traffic, meaning fast bot sessions or inactive ones that hit your page for a second or two, will not get the PageView or any other event reported… thus keeping your Pixel data clean… and your LLAs even more accurate.

For Multi Quantities, I believe we’ve done MORE than you asked for, :stuck_out_tongue: just login to your account and read the what’s new dialog.

Now you can have,

  • Single checkout (default).

  • Multi-checkout
    Your customers will be able to purchase multiple products at a time, but no more than one each

  • Multi-Quantity
    Your customers will be able to purchase multiple items of each product.

And eventually, all products can have variants too (eg. Size, Shape, Model, Weight… endless options. etc).
You’ll be getting something like below:

It looks ugly isn’t it :smiley: hhhh


Is this a possibility now, can we use the paypal plugin with CF ProTools?