Can this app replace stripe and how do I setup 1 click upsells

Hey, guys, I can’t get a stripe account as I live outside the U.S can this replace the need for that and can I still have 1 click upsells?

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Hey @byron,

Yes it can replace stripe and you may enable PayPal alone,

PayPal requires that your customers must confirm their purchase in a secure PayPal page, so even though the Upsells will still work, your customers will be required to confirm their purchase every time by clicking “Buy now” button in PayPal for each OTO, without having to relogin, they can also use their credit cards through PayPal itself.

Hope that helps,

That’s not entirely true as if you enable “reference transactions” you can do true 1 click upsells.

Funnelish has to be adjusted to work with that though.

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Yep, we might work with Reference Transactions, but not everyone has it (including us) it’s not easy to get it activated for any account… as far as I know

Enable it as an option so that customers can select it depending if they have “Reference Transactions” enabled or not.

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Hmm that’s kind of interesting, perhaps got mislead by PayPal support rep, we might check that and if there is a way to get it into our PayPal Apps we’ll do it :wink:

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How do i have the card option submit to clickfunnels

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Hmm… Card option in PayPal you mean I believe?

Credit Card option (or bank) checkout in PayPal can only be done through Paypal itself, the sales of course can be recorded in both Funnelish and Clickfunnels… but you cannot replace the Credit Card option in CF with PayPal one, but you just keep paypal alone, and then your customers will be given the option to use PayPal or Credit Card or anything else through PayPal itself…

So essentially you’re saying to go this route to remove the card option on my page ?

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Nop! you don’t need to remove it (in fact you shouldn’t)

But, under /Apps > PayPal Plugin > Settings turn off Credit Card, and our app will hide it :slight_smile:

Though, keep in mind you still have to add your products to Clickfunnels as well for them to be displayed, (you can use any listed gateway with fake credentials, eg. bluesnap, Infusionsoft…etc…etc)