Can you help me with this

Can you help me with this

Hi @Oussama_Cherif,
We are not so sure what you need our help with.
Could you clarify your query a bit?

Looking forward to your reply.

i want to make my headline looks like you see in the video :point_down:

Hi @Oussama_Cherif,

Please go to Custom Codes > Custom CSS and paste this:

/* CSS */
.typewriter {
  width: fit-content;
.typewriter .paragraph-inner {
  overflow: hidden; 
  border-right: .15em solid orange; /* The typwriter cursor */
  white-space: nowrap; /* Keeps the content on a single line */
    typing 3.5s steps(30, end),
    blink-caret .5s step-end infinite;

/* The typing effect */
@keyframes typing {
  from { width: 0 }
  to { width: 100% }

/* The typewriter cursor effect */
@keyframes blink-caret {
  from, to { border-color: transparent }
  50% { border-color: #666AFC } /* The typewriter cursor Color */

Then, add a paragraph element, select it and go to Advanced and add typewriter as a class, and make sure the text is set to bold that’s.


You can now add the animated paragraph inside a Container and adjust it however you see fit.

Live example: CSS typeWriter Animation
Share link to clone: funnelish