Cant' add a product on clickfunnel anymore

I can’t add product on clickfunnel anymore third party. Does anyone know why? When I try to add the create button doesn’t submit. I have seen they updated the regular product section

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Hmm, We noticed that Clickfunnels has forcefully enabled this feature called " New Product Workflow" even though it’s still listed under the optional features, and we were aware that it breaks their product creation tool at the Funnel > Settings > 3rd Party membership access.

For the time being we recommend doing this:

  1. Go to your Funnelish funnel, and get the webhook URL (for CF orders tracking) and use it in your Clickfunnels funnel, that way your CF orders will be tracked within Funnelish, that’s much more reliable than doing it the other way around.

  2. Contact Clickfunnels support and let them know of the issue, 99% of time you’ll be told it’s caused by “Funnelish” so just show them that it’s not working even in a freshly new created funnel with no codes in it.

Hope that helps, keep us posted on how it goes :wink:

same problem here! I can not continue

Will following these 2 steps allow for us to still use Funnelish without adding products via third party? Clickfunnels is not allowing 3rd party products to be added at the moment…

Not working! Already tested

This is ridiculous … I just signed up for This, shambles. The least you can do Yassine is be a little more proactive and make a video showing us this other method you mentioned above… sheesh.

Make a video it doesn’t have to be long.

How do i get a refund?

This webhooks works or not?