Can't get the app

I’m trying to get the app I started to sign up a few days ago I put in my name and email but didn’t purchase then I came back today and put in my name and email and when i click on the button to get the plugin it doesn’t do anything


Hi @jwoudstra,

First of all thanks for the heads up, there is something wrong going on with CF at the moment, somehow all funnels (2 step order forms) stopped working (including the ones not using funnelish, at least on my account) I’m contacting CF support now hopefully they can fix that asap :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the heads up, the problem is going to be sorted out soon,


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Just found this on Clickfunnels’ group:

So just give them sometime CF support will fix the problem asap.

Hope that helps!


Clickfunnels’ team has solved the problem :slight_smile: Now all funnels are working as normal…Enjoy!

EDIT: Got it, thanks!


Just purchased the paypal plugin (1hr ago) but i didn’t get the email with the further instructions.
Can someone help me? :smiley: