Can't pay for the PayPal plugin using PayPal

Hey-lo, I’m trying to purchase a monthly membership for this plugin… I’m selecting PayPal as my payment option and clicking to proceed… being brought to PayPal’s homepage vs. a payment confirmation page…

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hmm… Interesting :thinking:

Can you let me know where are you trying to buy from (location) and also which URL you are trying to buy at?

sure, I’m from Canada & URL was

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Awkward! It seems working just fine! is it still not working for you?

I only tried & failed the one time… then I signed up using a credit card.

I haven’t tried it again since.

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It may be helpful to mention that I’m seeing the same thing happen when I test PayPal on my own funnel order form… I click and it brings me to PayPal’s homepage… I will try again from a US IP address (VPN) to see if it’s related to my country (Canada).

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I figured it out… it’s because my last name as an apostrophe in it…

To duplicate, put an apostrophe in the ‘full name’ field and try to complete checkout with PayPal… then quickly copy the address that PayPal redirects you to, and encoded in that URL is an error message that talks about an SQL syntax error at the point where the apostrophe is detected.

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Really? I must definitely check that too