Cart integration / shopify

I’m using a apptrends webhook to connect my funnel to my shopify website. When my buyers pay with paypal, i dont’ get the connection; i must manually copy everything over to my shopify store to fulfill.

am i missing something here? I really want to automate the process.

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Have you setup the Paypal products under the 3rd Party Membership access section of your funnel?
And do the orders done through Paypal appear under the SALES tab of your funnel?

If the above is correct I don’t think there could be anything preventing your webhook or other automations on Clickfunnels to be triggered!

yes, the sales are there, but the webhook is not firing.

That’s kind of annoying :confused: I mean It should be firing “normally” as long as you setup the correct event :slight_smile: because keep in mind CF does not fire the on purchase even on a funnel step, but rather find a way to do it using Actionetics or something else…

Generally I’m not really sure how that webhook is going to work, but maybe asking CF support whether the Webhook will get fired for paypal purchases or not will probably help!

But last time I talked to them they seem to not provide support for things related to webhooks!

i think the webhook fires on successful stripe payment. CF shows it’s paid, but there is no transaction ID.