CF to PayPal: Dollar amount not populating 100% of the time

We just installed the PayPal app on our funnel at Selecting a button, completing the information, selecting PayPal, and clicking the submit button does bring me to PayPal. Usually, I see the dollar amount at the top right of the PayPal login form, as in this example:

However, there are a few occasions where the dollar amount does not populate. It appears to be random. Is this a problem, and how do we resolve?


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hmm… that’s kind of out of the scope of the Paypal App, in many occasions Paypal decides to show a different layout & details depending on many factors such as your IP location, device Language, and device used…Etc.

As long as it works once it should be working again :slight_smile:

Though you can make sure it works by processing an actual transaction, you can lower it to 0.01$ on funnelish and test it out.

Hope that helps!
Yassine Y.