Change My Signup Email Address


I just signed up for Funnelish and I used a businesses email address rather then my personal and I’m looking to change it but it’s locked in under my account.

I also am going to add in a new business email address to my PayPal account and am wondering I can also sync that new one into the coding we paste into our Click Funnels account?


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Hi @RyanC,

So for the first part of your question, the only way to change your email is to send us an email to support at, and provide your current email address and forward us your receipt as well, we’ll then set your account email for you.

First of all, you should know that once changed your account email, your code snippet will have to be changed again in any funnels that have it already.

The actual PayPal account that will receive the payment from your customers can be set per funnel level in Funnelish under “Your Funnel” > Settings > PayPal Settings