Checkbox Don't Appear


I already configured a good funnel with funnelish :

But i don’t understand why with this funnel is impossible

I haven’t PAYPAL/STRIPE only stripe i don’t understand
I try all… Products names are good, header code is good. Webhook is “success”…

All configuration are good. Could you help me and tell me why plz ?

Thank you for your help

The only possible issues why it’s not shown are:

  1. Your tracking code is bad, try to go back to Funnelish funnel and copy a new tracking code and replace the old one.

  2. Your step URL in Funnelish doesn’t match the one shown on your browser for that given step, double-check you are using the right URL.

  3. You didn’t turn on your apps under Funnel > Apps or Account > Apps.

Other than that I cannot think of any other cause for that problem, however, we can look further into your order form if you can share its URL.

I found just now !

Unfortunately my problem was :

We need to ACTIVATE PAYPAL PLUGIN for each funnel… It was my problem

Thank you

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Oh I thought you did that I should update my response then!

Thank you for your quick answer :slight_smile:

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