Checkbox using funnelish Pay


Background: My funnel is built on clickfunnels and connected with Funnelish. I have activated Funnelish Pay into my order page (not 2 step - just a normal order page) and it worked perfectly.

Problem: Everything has stopped to work when I added the required checkbox element (Accept terms and conditions) into my order page. Now, even if the required checkbox element is correctly checked, the purchase is not submit. :frowning:

To be compliant with the law of my Country I MUST have the “Accept terms and conditions” checkbox. I cannot remove it.

Anyone can help me to solve this problem? Is there a way to adding a checkbox into funnelish pay?

Any script or CSS?

Thankyou very much for your help!

Carlo, from Italy

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Normally a checkbox would work fine with or without Funnelish Pay, need to find what is breaking on the page when having that checkbox thus subsequently breaking Funnelish Pay.

From what I’ve seen many users do it that way with no problems :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean, if you need to add a checkbox inside the Funnelish Pay zone it might be hard and won’t serve any clear purpose.

I would suggest to find what is breaking on the page when using a checkbox and resolving it, it could be a 3rd party script, or some custom code on that funnel/page.

I hope that helps

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Thank you for your reply.

Yeah unfortunally Italian law forced me to add the “accept terms and coditions” checkbox.

It still not working with funnelish pay orders.

Hope to find a solution.

Best regards

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just reach out to customer support and provide your order form URL where it’s not working (you can also post your URL in here).

If it’s possible to send a share link to clone the page and test it on our own account would also be ideal to see what is happening exactly,