Click Funnels and Funnelish

I am beyond frustrated at this point. Click Funnels is telling me they no longer integrate in any way with Funnelish and I am unable to use funnelish because I can not set up products in click funnels unless i have an account with their approved payment processors. They recently did and upgrade and now it doesn’t work. Is this true?? Is there a work frond and a new video I can follow to set funnelish up with ClickFunnels?? Please advise I have live funnels with paid ads that are not working!! HELP!!!

This is the funnel I am referring to:

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WTF! :open_mouth::flushed:

Are you sure about that?! What kind of update?!!

You scared the hell out of me, just went in and checked our funnels they seem just fine!
So I’m not sure what kind of “approved” payment processors you are referring to! or what kind of update

Here’s their response to me:

“To answer your question again, we do not support any custom coding or payment set up from funnelish. I was previously suggesting other forms of payment gateways.
Remember that the clickfunnels back end is changed periodically with new feature an updates, any custom set up not supported is not guaranteed to function every time.”


I am unable to add any products to click funnels until I add one of their approved gateways - I do not have any accounts with any of their approved payment gateways so I am unable to add products to my funnel. You now have to add a gateway under settings. Can you please help me get funnelish working again? Thanks!

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You scared the hell out of me tbh :joy::rofl: Phew!
Ok so, I guess the support guy maybe picked the wrong wording, what he propably meant is that Clickfunnels doesn’t provide support for 3rd Party libraries whether it is Funnelish, Stripe or some other random thing Funnelish questions must be answered by us at funnelish :slight_smile:

So as for your problem indeed in order for Funnelish to work you need to add products first (to the order form at least) even if you are not going to use them.

Pick any random gateway that is listed, usually infusionsoft works best if there is no stripe…

Let me know how that goes

So the problem is you can not add products unless you have one of their approved gateways. You have to manually add a gateway - which requires and API key etc to be able to add products. There’s no way to add products to click funnels for them to show up on the order form.

Hmm… you can use one of their approved gateways without having that actual gateway I guess! It doesn’t necessarly need to be working or have an API key…Etc

Funnelish only needs that to know which products to keep visible and which not to.

Apparently not. Ive tried and tried and its not working.

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Hmm… I believe you have your gateways greyed out, which is normal, just head under Account > Payment Gateways (in Clickfunnels).

And add random gateway preferably, Infusionsoft or Bluesnap, you can use random name, and random key if had to, and then use that gateway to create your products in CF… That should make them visible and allow Funnelish to work.

hey can u help me out with a few things not too sure how to use this… thanks