Clickfunnel affiliate and funnelish

Hello, if I remember well, if we have an clickfunnel account oppened with your affiliate link we ca have funnelish for free?

It is possible for people having already a clickfunnel account to contact clickfunnel and make then manually add you as the affiliate?


Hey @Antoine_Morales,

I believe that could be possible, as long as we can verify the purchase in your favor that can be done…

Once you do that contact us to verify the purchase for you…

Best regards,

Ok thanks,

and how can I do that? What should I say to clickfunnel? What is your affiliate Number?


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I believe that can be done by contacting Clickfunnels through their support button, they removed the chat support so you’ll have to wait a bit longer for their reply…

Our Clickfunnels affiliate number is: 489324

Once done contact us at [email protected], and due to the way backpack works, it will be impossible for us to verify your referral till you get charged first time by Clickfunnels…