Clickfunnels - 2 Step Order Form Issues

Hey man, I am having some very strange issues with the 2 step order form which I just started using. People are getting charged find however the shipping info is not coming through for the orders? I have a zapiar integration where all the orders are added into google sheets with the persons shipping info. And nothing comes through for the peoples shipping info.

Everything worked fine prior to using the 2 step order form.

here’s the funnel:

indeed that’s kind of strange!

So when a sale comes through, can you see the shipping info for the person on the SALE record under the SALES tab?!

Or is it just an issue when syncing with Zapier?


I do in fact see the addresses when I clicks the customers name in CF…I wonder why its not adding those fields to my google sheets

Well in that case it’s not really a funnelish app related problem :slight_smile: but my guess is that you should check whether you are trying to upload the wrong addresses, example when the two step order form is actually populating the “shipping” address boxes, while you are trying to upload the address box (non shipping ones) probably!!! or vise versa…

But that’s just a guess :slight_smile: as I don’t really know much about Zapier.

Hope that helps!