Clickfunnels 2-step order form split full name field


I’ve had a look through the other topics but can’t find the solution to this and I can’t quite work it out

I want to split the 2-Step Order Form Full Name field into First Name and Last Name, for Zapier reasons

Is this possible?
Thanks :grinning:

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Hi Olivia,

Yes it’s possible, but in Clickfunnels you’ll need to do it through custom code, if you can share the URL to your two step order form we can provide a FREE custom code that can help you do that,

Also, you can try Funnelish Plus (especially if you are building funnels for eCommerce), it allows you to modify all fields within the two-step order form easily without any need for custom code:

Let me know how we if have other questions or need further assistance :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you so much for your response. Here is the URL to the order form:

Many thanks!