Clickfunnels Custom Javascript Code Required

I need a short code that will live on a Clickfunnels page and fetch the order form details to our server using a webhook.

See below video for more details

Please see here for an explanation:

I see, it’s a bit limited on things you can do with a credit card info, but can you tell me more about your backend server, what kind of info or webhook does it expect…

you can also PM me incase it’s sensitive.


Its a sql server

can you write the code

Possible but you are looking at it from the wrong angle :slight_smile: exposing your entire sql server DB to a JS code will get you hacked in no time… and you seriously should consider that when dealing with people’s sensitive CC info.

Instead the right approach is building an API and make sure it’s compliant with ALL lows that govern the storage of CC info…etc (which is really hard thus, I suggest paying for some 3rd party service instead of sql server)…

And then once you have your 3rd party service setup to handle CC info, then I can help you connecting it to your funnels :slight_smile: and who knows if the service API is straightforward and won’t cost me much time I WILL DO IT FOR YOU FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :slight_smile:

But first find a 3rd party service that does CC storage or something similar using tokens…etc, and then will help you out :slight_smile:

PS. people’s sensitive info can really be annoying to handle and can cause so much legal annoyance to all parties, so handle it carefully.

Hope that helps!