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Hello. I’m new to ClickFunnels and funnel building in general.

I have some basic questions. We want to sell an ebook on ClickFunnels but we cannot find a way to add an Order Form to our funnel. We’ve looked everywhere. There are other sample funnels that have the form automatically attached.
We’re unsure of the type of funnel we selected because we renamed it, but it only has option to link to a digital asset, but I believe that is only for sending customers a FREE item or FREE download. We want to know where do you upload the physical ebook that will only be sent as an attachment after someone enters their billing information and has submitted.
If anyone can help this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @socialewe,

The order form element, CAN ONLY be added to an order form step in Clickfunnels.

Thus, why you cannot find the order form element, simply because you got the wrong type of “funnel step”. Unfortunately there is no way to change a funnel step type in Clickfunnels, so you’ll have to create/add a new step to your funnel with the type of “order form” step.

That’s really it!


So when we are inside the funnel itself, we just type the words “Order Form” in the “new step”?

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@socialewe I don’t really think that’s what meant.

In a clickfunnels’ funnel you kind of have something like this:

where the highlighted text is the actual funnel step TYPE. (Order form, OTO, Thank you page…Etc), and the text above it is the step’s own name… which can be anything you want since it’s used only within Clickfunnels to help you specify what each step does.


No! that’s only the name of the step… which can be ANYTHING you want it.

Once you create your funnel step through this box:

Immediately you’ll be given the option, to pick the step’s TYPE, It looks something like this:

Go under SALES > Order Form, and then pick a template you like :slight_smile:

it’s really that easy.

good luck!