Clickfunnels + Funnelish + Apptrends + Nimble + Shopify, Paypal Integration and several Products in the Cart

Hello guys I am currently struggeling with setting up my whole ecommerce funnel.

1.) I installed Paypal and all the products and they show up on my order-page, but when I click the Paypal-Button nothing happens.

2.) I want to add products that are always in the cart, regardless what option they are taking. Like:

Product 1 10.00€
Free-Shipping Free
Bonus1 Free
Bonus2 Free
Bonus3 Free

3.) Is it possible to get the data from clickfunnels to shopify with this “Clickfunnels + Funnelish + Apptrends + Nimble + Shopify” combination?

Thanks for answering! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Morlune,

  1. So for that problem can you send me the order form URL or you can share it publicly in here…as I think it could be a setup mistake like wrong price or something…

  2. hmm, if a product is always in cart won’t it make sense adding it as a line of text under the checkout and on top of the submit button?

  3. With Apptrends it should work fine as long as you don’t use their dynamic forms, as for Nimble I have no idea what it does this is first time I read about it, why would you need Nimble?

Best, :wink:

Wait so does funnelish not work with the Dynamic product forms with Apptrends? I am trying to figure out a way to make this work smoothly…

Hey @Morlune,

Could you please elaborate the 3rd step. Why do you need so many integrations?