Clickfunnels not tracking Sales made through this App

Hello, I did everything to set up this App properly. Also it tracked sales 6 days ago properly. Since then it doesn’t work anymore. Please tell me how to fix. I literally tried to fix that bug for hours now.

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Hi @dennisthoms,

That’s common when you change your product names in Funnelish (which affects your generated Cart product IDs) and then not updating the Cart Product IDs in Clickfunnels (under Your Funnel > Settings > 3rd Party Membership Access) please double check that your Cart IDs are correct and haven’t changed, and if the problem presists then contact [email protected] reference this thread and you’ll be assigned an agent to look into your Clickfunnels funnel for you :slight_smile:

You don’t have to spend 6h+ debugging that on your own, :wink: