ClickFunnels order summary not showing purchases

So I have my PayPal products setup correctly in ClickFunnels, but on the thank you page, the purchases aren’t showing up in the ClickFunnels order summary. The Stripe ones are, but not the PayPal purchases.

Is this even possible? I know it takes a while for webhooks to deliver sometimes.

Here’s what I’m talking about where I want them to show up:

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That’s a very known case,

Clickfunnels does NOT add 3rd party purchases in there (for some reason) and does NOT track Stats as well for 3rd party purchases.

For the time being we highly recommend that you use a separate page (at least for PayPal) and keep that page for Stripe…


Oh, a separate page for PayPal…

So I’d link to that in my funnel in Funnelish then. Good idea :slight_smile:

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Hi David,

Can you tell us how you link the thank you page to funnelish pages?


There is nothing special about it @Huu, you just add another Thank you page an ordinary one at the end of your Clickfunnels funnel, and then add that TYP step to your Funnelish funnel instead of the “Order Confirmation” one …